What Works – School Meals Programs (2023)

There is a significant—and growing—body of evidence that well-designed and effectively delivered school meal programs are a cost-effective and scalable means to build human capital, improve learning outcomes, and improve health and nutrition. Despite setbacks during the pandemic, school meals programs have remained one of the largest social safety nets in the world, with 418 million children now benefiting from programs, an increase of 30 million from the level prior to 2020. Policymakers are eager to utilize this lever for change, as evidenced by 76 national governments who have joined the School Meals Coalition since its creation in 2021.

Global Education Forum – Background Document for School Health and Nutrition (2021)

The Global Education Forum (GEF) was established in 2019 to address challenges in the education financing architecture and develop greater collaboration between and coordination of education donors, and to advocate for investment and the acceleration of progress towards SDG4. In this Action Memo, we consider proposals for more effective donor investment in school health and nutrition.